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For more than 20 years, we have been developing solutions for procurement of indirect material and services. From the demand request to catalogues, free text and RFQ, as well as automated order processing with delivery receipt, goods receipt and invoice release.


Our E-Procurement solutions create networks for cooperation of demand carriers, purchasers, decision-makers and suppliers in a shared platform. They create synergies and develop into a company-internal knowledge database. We consult and support you in the long term based on our experience from many projects in medium-sized businesses and international groups, as well as state-owned projects. The company-wide consistent provision of up-to-date contracts, catalogues and information on material and services as well as contacts, prices and availabilities is an essential factor for success. Control your procurement with the right KPIs, no matter if in a private cloud or on your own Intranet.

Automation & Standardisation

Automate & standardise your procurement. Establish efficient self-service processes and provide your customers with contracts and electronic catalogues with a range coordinated with your company and the latest prices. Optimise, integrate and control your suppliers. veenion offers a standardised and flexible platform for these core processes.

Information & communication

Use a company-wide platform for information and communication to strengthen one of the most important production and competition factors. To remain competitive, you need the right and most of all quick decisions. The efficiency of the internal information flow has the strongest influence on costs. The concept of the Single Point of Information provides all authorised employees in the company with up-to-date information on contracts, suppliers, contacts, deadlines, indices, evaluations, etc. at all times.

Optimising & Control

Optimise & control quality, deadline compliance and costs. Electronic catalogues, consistent forms and processes reduce the error probability and accelerate communication also across company borders. Use our solutions to integrate the suppliers into your processes. Consistent and automated process monitoring and the escalation functions can be used to control deadline compliance and quality.

Organisation & Processes

Purchasing is often confronted with a heterogeneous environment and change. Our solutions create a consistent layer for procurement processes, integrating your heterogeneous world (sites, partial companies, ERP-systems, goods groups, etc.). With our visual workflow designer, you can develop processes customised to your various needs and adjust them to a changing environment in the scope of active change management.

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Our solutions

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Success Factors


Consistent, continuous, transparent, agile processes adjusted to your company bring quality, speed, compliance and lower the costs.


Electronic catalogues, configurations and free-text forms give your internal customers just what they need and reduce effort.


Intuitive use and intelligent functions increase user acceptance. Roll-outs are made simpler, support reduces, the maverick ratio improves.


Information is one of the most important production factors and a basis for the right decisions. A central platform gives all authorised persons the latest data.


All processes, every process, every contract, every voucher is well documented and traceable. Everything in compliance with the rules, no exceptions.


Standards make a system robust, permit integration and scaling.



Integrate your internal systems and your suppliers in your processes.

Change management

The markets and your companies are developing. - Your systems need to follow suit.


Safety and availability of your platform ensure business continuity.

What characterises our solutions?

Highly scalable and workflow-based.

Flexible processes.

Automated, smart processes, easily adjustable from request to invoice.


Current KPIs in the dashboard, finished reports and a flexible report designer leave nothing to be desired.

Standard software.

Individually adjustable via workflows. Intelligent approval workflows? But of course!

Integration and interfaces.

You can decide how much integration you need. From autonomous E-Procurement solutions to full integration via web interfaces or punch-out Catalog Engine.

Catalogue and free-text orders.

No problem. You can turn free-text orders into price requests as well. Media-break-free.

Service recording.

Calls, supplements, parent service directives, service recording sheets, approvals, etc. incl. SAP interfaces

Content management

Demand-oriented and quality-tested catalogues and ranges reduce maverick buying.

Supplier management

Reduce your creditors and develop your suppliers.


You are at the beginning of your project and stuck? You have successfully electronically mapped procurement of indirect material and are looking for more? We will support you!

Supplier integration.

BMEcat, OpenTrans, OCI or Excel templates according to our data exchange directive. Reception of electronic order confirmations, delivery certificates or invoices? But of course!

Support and training.

We are available. You can decide how comprehensive you want your support to be. Trainings with and without certificate.

Do you have any questions? We will gladly be available for a personal interview. Call us at 0631 - 520846-0!

The awards

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Consulting, Service & Support

Networks across the company are growing more and more important for the value-added contribution and implementation of new business models or organisations, specifically in purchasing. Iterative planning, control and optimisation of your business processes are decisive factors for success. In the scope of this digital transformation, we will support you with our long experience and broad industry know-how.

Do you have any questions? We will gladly be available for a personal interview. Call us at 0631 - 520846-0!

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